All About Gambling In Louisiana

Located on southern region of the United States, the state of Louisiana is characterized more than anything else by the diversity of its population. Originally a French territory, Louisiana’s population is peppered with people who still speak some of the ancient and exotic dialects of that time such as Cajun French and Creole French. Louisiana’s capitol city IS Baton Rouge but the largest and best known city in the state is New Orleans.

New Orleans is home to the world famous annual street parade called the +Mardi Gras+ where people flock from all over the World to take part in the days of fun and frolic, and to dine in the excellent Cajun or Creole restaurants. Gambling in Louisiana is a big part of their culture and there are some excellent casinos spread throughout the state.

GamblingLouisiana is the place where people in the South go to have fun, coming from neighboring Texas, Arkansas and all over the Mexican Gulf. The state and especially the city of New Orleans were hard hit by the disaster that struck in 2005, when Hurricane Katrina saw the city’s levees burst their banks, causing considerable destruction and loss of life. The damage to the city’s infrastructure and especially its tourism and casino industry was immense, and only now, the casinos and restaurants are beginning to get back to normal activity.

This was a particular blow as recently more and more of the state’s income was derived was derived from tourism and gambling, and the income was sadly missed. The four casinos based in New Orleans were closed until fairly recently. However there are another twenty three casinos dotted around the state, in fifteen different cities, including the capitol Baton Rouge. The largest casino in the state is based in the small town of Kinder. Called the Grand Casino Coushetta the French Creole influence can be felt throughout the casino. For lovers of slots there are more than three thousand machines to choose from, as well as all the favorite table games such as Blackjack, Craps and Roulette. For those who want to capture the atmosphere of the French Riviera, you can always try your luck at beating the bank at Chemin de Fer.

For those who enjoy the taste of live casino gambling Louisiana offers a wide variety of locations, all over the state. Poker, as is the case all over the United States, has become very popular as in-house game. In fact many people, who visit casinos today, first caught the bug from playing online poker, or indeed any of the other table games that can be played anytime and anywhere online. Live horse racing is something that hasn’t yet made the transition to the computer monitor and remains very popular throughout the state of Louisiana.

Although the state of Louisiana has always been one of the most liberal states as far as forwarding the cause of live judi online, either in the casinos or race tracks of the state, it strictly enforces the laws and regulations governing the activity, Gambling is illegal to anyone under the age of twenty- one, for example.

All in all, Louisiana is a fun state both for entertainment as well as gambling, and because of her attitudes, has survived the serious blow dealt by Hurricane Katrina. Many other states would do well to take their direction from her as far as making the best of the gambling industry.